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Japan representative 1-1 China representative. Three races eyes Wataru Endo participated in Volante. Exit exhaustion also without injured somehow. Who his growing worries the game of Bellmare!


It was cheers for good work. Endo Kou players

I want to give to say really so. Exit representative war without somehow also a big injury.

Movement in the fatigue I was raised served as somehow volante position in bad.

I think that it was not a completely satisfactory play I think, but it has done really well.

Please rest slowly First.


Early on it conceded not engage cooperation. Pick up gradually

Early on where the place is whether it is in the like had puzzled Kou Endo and Yamaguchi firefly say to positioning had become unreasonable.

It will be pre-emptive in China before modifying there.

Then Yamaguchi firefly in Kou is camped in a little before eyes has succeeded in keeping the balance managed by occupy in the rear.

China I was fortunate also did this greedily.


The scene where turnout is late fatigue in the defense also. Attack surface is in its own way

It had also demonstrated sharp vertical path occasionally tangled with the ball in its own way from being placed in front.

Just to Pasumisu also been scattered, it looked like were many scenes that can not be hold out above all in the defensive side.

It seems clearly as movement was bad rather than you are and the level difference between looking at the everyday Kou.

How much anything you can be more.

However although a little more front When is Bellmare is it come to be limited Toridokoro They will put pressure.


Match a 1-1 draw. Exit somehow hurt without tournament

But it was somehow well together, I was watching while worry or not the injury because it does not hide is indeed fatigue. Anyway, me safely a come back with!

It managed to the end of the game also in bad weather becoming stronger to rain. We have finished the game at 1-1.

Injury was good without! !


His those who want to watch the future of the growth by all means the game of Shonan Bellmare!

Vs. Cambodia warfare of the next match W Cup qualifying (9/3).

When you saw is felt to seems to be expected in a variety of positions, because some injury Uchida this match is convened likely.


... Now I want to see the game of Endo Kou players. Where are you doing the game? More Do you have that.

Endo Kou players come out to play in the club called Shonan Bellmare in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.

It is common ticket to buy at a convenience store. Please wait in the terminal of each convenience store. You can buy in such course peers. Please be careful to the good you, but sold out even if bought on the day at the stadium.


Ticket purchase method «Shonan Bellmare official site


Itinerary of the game here!

Fixtures and results (2015) «Shonan Bellmare official site


The price here

Ticket price list (general) «Shonan Bellmare official site


Stadium we become like this.



Shonan BMW スタジアム平塚



Basically sit people who are 8G home supporters zone standing and 1G central G main home seats and 7G back home free seat has a support of Bellmare.

5G standing away supporters zone is completely enemy team. 4G central G main home free seat and the center G main seats and 6G back home free seat I have mixed friend or foe.


The price (which is referred to as the away supporters zone standing) 8G is 2900 yen on the day in the yen Advance 2400. Here you do not have a chair. It is a complete standing.

Honesty here is not suited for watching football.

Because whether hard to see what is happening is not recommended for beginners.

I like here are those who want to feel the heat because But center of cheer.


Central gate has only roof in the seats.

5200 yen on the day in the Advance 4700 yen. In addition the main special seat above grade is 6200 yen on the day in the yen Advance 5700.


Other chair is 3100 yen on the day in all Advance 2600 yen. There is a need to ensure a seat by visitors soon because the free seats, but those of the first spectator so easy to see in its own way is recommended here.


Because it is all except the central gate free seats to 2 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes before it is recommended to take a seat by visitors.

You or was barely even okay if one seat will bounce it is and difficulty two or more people.

You can come time so you can to play in the event or to enjoy the gourmet in you can Food Park saw the animal at the zoo also it is too soon soon.


Please Incidentally access from Hiratsuka Station refer to here.

競技場 « 湘南ベルマーレ公式サイト


Once I made Also the

湘南ベルマーレ初観戦に人のための! 写真で見る!!! Shonan BMWスタジアムへのアクセス 


Kawasaki Frontale round of the most recent home game 8/22

The most recent home game will be 8/22. This is done in Hiratsuka.

Shonan BMWスペシャルデー
19:00 川崎フロンターレ BMW -


This game is probably the ticket because we expect a lot of visitors you sold out.

Please purchase as soon as possible.

Since the seat of Kawasaki Frontale for the enemy team has become more please purchase a seat by the attention.



Be good away Urawa Reds game also Muto players out those who can not wait until it

We can not wait until then. Anyone who might be a good Urawa Reds game of 8/16.

It is the home of Urawa Reds is the game at Saitama Stadium.

Muto Yuki player of tournament two scores will not belong to the Urawa Reds.

8月16日(日) 18:00 浦和レッズ 埼玉 -



There also the Shimizu S-Pulse game before

8月12日(水) 19:00 清水エスパルス アイスタ -


This is suitable weekday, because Endo Kou players possibly even large that can not be out with fatigue.


However, because the Shonan Bellmare game can say with a very interesting and confidence If you are interested in us. It is interesting even without Endo players! However, it is a game in Shizuoka Prefecture, Shimizu City. It is not a Hiratsuka.


Who interest comes into Endo Kou players. Please come even if you are satisfied Bellmare game.

Now Bellmare is a very uplifting. We have an interesting football.

And (it is what is going this way, but it is more interesting than typical!)


We look forward to your visit of everyone!