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Towards the first spectator! Atmosphere and the video of the home games of Shonan Bellmare it looks like this (with video)


I do not know what atmosphere but want to see the game of Shonan Bellmare.

I made by editing the footage at the time of the home game for such people.


0:00 to 6:04

Outside of the stadium. Food Park and the state of events. It is two hours before the game about.


6:05 to 6:43

Stadium open gate state immediately after


6:44 to 8:47

runway of winning players bus is performed when arriving


9:28 to 10:07

I was walking Ishikawa Toshiteru players. Encountered in Shimamura Tsuyoshi players


10:07 to 10:28

FC Tokyo players bus arrived


10:29 to 12:42

Photo session + player signings of Kinguberu and packer-kun


12:43 to 14:13

Hariruhojitchi Japan coach appeared


14:44 to 16:09

State of the game just before the start


16:10 to 17:30

During the match


17:31 to 19:22

State of the stadium after the game


19:23 ~

Appearance of the outside of the stadium after the game (such as Belle Mare Queen)



Hariruhojitchi director does not have to always come not, please do by all means put to the stadium if there is interest because doing something of the events at the stadium.