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Shimizu S-Pulse's home stadium, Nihondaira.

That day I thought I do not cry. From a knew already it can not be residual.

And I did not go that day.

But it did not stop the tears when I saw the moment of demotion on television.

I supporters history is not long. High's is about 10 years. From 2003.

It became perfectly attend way in 2004. It may have been in '05 and Maybe.

So I did not know that I will be demoted. I knew for the first time.

If there is no way really frustrated, ... such as those that have been piled desperately ever go away collapsed noisily. The injured, it is overrun. Like not anymore crawl rises.




Second time of the nightmare in 2013.

Had been even hampered by high J1 wall with or Bellmare you wearing rose again.

But Alex Sant'Anna and Wellington reinforced the interruption period in Kawasaki warfare splendid fusion. Marinos also played a close game, I hope with you that or not it can remain went to Nihondaira.

Train that went delay in an accident. I knew the second time of a nightmare in the Shinkansen was jumped by changing the route in a hurry.


Quirino announcement of time-limited Transfers to players UAE of AI SHAAB

キリノ選手 UAEのAI SHAABへ期限付き移籍のお知らせ « 湘南ベルマーレ公式サイト


But I laugh when I was really surprised me people. I laughed at this time.

And after bout raise the funny laughter, just had been stunned.

Headed earlier in the game was really terrible.

Front the target has decreased orphaned Wellington alone.

Iwagami immediately after Daisuke after being in the 0-2 things that determines the super goal is sent off red card. Furthermore defeat 1-3 determined until additional point.

The presence of FW Radonchitchi Shimizu above all What I was most despair.

Or residual conflict of rivals to reinforce the so much amazing FW.

And Bellmare is what will go out the ace striker rather than reinforcement. Whether J1 is unreasonable to small civic club. I felt even such a thing.




2015/8/12 and'm. Finally nightmare has come to an end.

S-Pulse is a powerful offense that including Peter Utaka and Ohmae.

Further reinforce the powerful helper in the interruption period. Its name is Chung back of the hands.

One of Bellmare reinforcement of the interruption period is only young players with an eye to the future.

But there was a player who was taste growth of those days chagrin to Bellmare.

The first point is eternal was a 4-year university in 2010. Marvelous cross was invited own goal.

2010 to Shimamura that was starting lineup has become a hero to decide the winning goal.



Kou Endo when was still a high school student that became the Japan representative.



Daisuke had been issued to the rental, Kobashou that came on the bench.

Eijiro was still college students in special designated players as well as eternal.

Players who know the chagrin of 2010. And also Otsuki you know the chagrin of 2013 gave me continued tension the body until the end.

Even players who came after them. thanks so much.




Finally nightmare was over. We were able to finally win in the land of karma in that time if you struggle with it can not win also and I thought S-Pulse. This one wins that lead to the future. one wins to tell that the nightmare is over.



To shake off that it was hard until now, the first year that Bellmare is going to now leap.

2015 is the first year for Bellmare is going to more growth.



Captain eternal Ryota had to say in the voice of 2014.


Year after next is not only next year, in order to continue to grow the next year, also the power of the supporters to get to raise together. Year of the game next year that is the first of the year, let's do our best to be able to grow with each other

【ボイス:12月24日】永木亮太の声 « 湘南ベルマーレ公式サイト



To shake off that it was hard until now, the first year that Bellmare is going to now leap.

2015 is the first year for Bellmare is going to more growth.