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It recalls the Shonan Bellmare vs. Kawasaki Frontale game in photography and video


Please have a look, if you are satisfied since the Shonan Bellmare vs. Kawasaki Frontale of the game was put together with a photograph and video.


State before game

Balloons finally Kinguberu it has appeared! Big!



AWA booth!




Satomiki's a splash stage. Kinguberu. Freon-kun. Cabrera. It was Gary and Soroibumi.


Three mutually sure friendship



Miki Sato.



The comfort is turnip-chan. Also reputation cute than Kinguberu! ?



It is the video


Nice photo!



Satomiki's in the photo session.

Very polite handshake also gave me was both hands. Really it was more good feeling.





t is approaching gradually match

Players admission! Runway of victory!



The water discharge is in the stadium! Bell Mare Queen and Satomiki's figure of


The water discharge is in the stadium! Bell Mare Queen and Satomiki's figure of



During practice. Amorim Newest might shoot well.


Finally start game





Beautiful choreography director. It was really beautiful.



After early runs! Actually, it had been conceded and I was watching the game while shooting the appearance of supporters. But they do not stop cheering!


Good game incandescent!


Turnip-chan and the front-kun also watch the war situation


Big success of Yota Akimoto! And the end of the game!


After the game

It is a dance of victory over!


Allison to receive a blessing at the goal back!



It picked collaboration garbage of the sea Sakura.

Satomiki's was also Welcome.


That's all. I tried to look back at the photos and video I would have been how?

I hope if fun is transmitted even a little.