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Japan representative Cambodia representative. Cambodia representative of the goalkeeper, because it was great total-Yati I write only that.


Japan representative 3-0 Cambodia representative.

To I was not out Endo Komo Yuichi Maruyama also, because normally the review and also a boring likely to be this time I'll write only of Cambodia representative of the goalkeeper.

It is content that a likely Ppoku rip-off by Yamano Hi嗣 san has told me many things I will write because I want to write.


Faithful goalkeeper to very basic

3日に日本代表と対戦、カンボジア代表来日メンバー | ゲキサカ[講談社]


1 Total - Yati (Bonketto Angkor)
1991.12.17 178/70


Perhaps you think this player's goal keeper of Cambodia representative.

It was a very faithful goalkeeper to basic while petite.




And you know that you'll keep an eye on the scene, but it has already done take a position before you hit the shot. I think the position was also not wrong.

It does not move waste by holding massive When you are finished taking the position.

It did not even pre-jump. It does not move waste and positioning came flying right in front is shot precisely because accurate. Is not by chance this is.

Two second shot and I do not know in this video, but it was very finely pre-jump. Because I do not if this much Hosokere timing shift I think that it was no problem.

Really good and also was ready to immediately stand after the single eye of the chute.


Please refer to the Toka this article as a reference for positioning and pre-jump of the keeper.




It finishes take a position before the later is also shoot. Firmly set up through both legs evenly the center of gravity without a pre-jump. It was not that the collapse basic operation that.

Very It is a place which may of Torinaoseru the position because movement is agile instantly while petite.

However it does not mean there is no weakness, the place such as there is no much power or not as strongly to a high ball because there is no upper back I had seen.

However addressing itself to the high ball had defended properly in the range to be accurate and processing.


Never and skip not. Great attitude that keep doing even hurt

He is every time the ball is moved, had continued to modify the silence position.

I was never continue to do without and skip.

Chute is of course also the scene there were many to go to the front and because he had retaken the position without and skip even when any.

It just struck a shot, even if lost almost the possibility of victory Become a 0-3, I thought it was Na great players have continued to modify the really faithfully position without Kirasa the ability to concentrate. It looked like a little step goes wrong because had the injured from about the second half 30 minutes. Movement of jumping system Speaking further was spicy unlikely when processing a high ball seemed hurt.

Still, to had continued to fix a decent position, did not play even seen that which was said to be going to save the ball by hand only "trying to ease."

(but there was one mistake in a high ball after hurt)

Even with point difference is, even if no longer the possibility of victory, to figure that continues to do things to do even if the injury to the end was really great, I think that should be praised.



I think that there are leaders of a good goalkeeper in Cambodia

I hope to only remember from not unreasonable movement if not under the guidance properly. Because it is often that no Japan is and goalkeeper coach, also feel that in many cases grow up without being corrected.

That point Sow Yati has no funny movement, I had an impression that has been well-trained. Because small is to be difficult modified a mess guidance around (such as pre-jump), he felt or not became allow that such a move results continued to receive good guidance from the development stage.

Will there also efforts of the person but became very mind is a thing called goalkeeper leadership of Cambodia football.

I'm I think that it is not possible that movement and not a decent guidance.

And I think it can not be that it is not done in an ongoing basis.

Cormorants N ~ ~ ~. It will'm really become what Fu. It will care.

This time in the place such as I is the end. It also is.