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Japan representative 6-0 Afghanistan representative. Maruyama Yuichi also is Wataru Endo played the first World Cup qualifiers without participation opportunities


Japan representative Afghanistan representative of the game have been made in 2015/9/8. Yuichi Murayama Kou from Shonan Bellmare in the importance match of the World Cup secondary qualifying Endo were enrolled until last year (FC Tokyo has been convened)



The remaining 15 minutes. On behalf of Makoto Hasebe competed in volante

The match from the beginning of Japan representative pace. But goal piercing Kagawa is middle chute After a bad feeling is prevented several opportunities is thought ...! !

A bad feeling # 10 of Japan gave me shook.

The second point the ball Wrap Neba~tsu further Keisuke Honda Morishige is decided. Dribbling the Kagawa is I will continue to stack the third point and steadily scoring piercing the goal.

Match further stacking a point to 6-0. Then ...









Once you possibly can to the Japanese captain of the future from the current Japan captain, perhaps a.


Safety first with a large amount lead. I think but it's OK

I want to score and attack or! And I had thought, but actually do this safety first because this back and forth in Haraguchi had entered the right-back.

None is so much conspicuous scene at about who participated in the ball flyer about twice.

But there was a play that I thought the Na good.

I CB had become only two when is surpassed left side likely.

Shape to the to the guarded scene like 3CB is to follow the space at that time. I ball has been cut before the end, but maybe Hariruhojitchi is should you are evaluating this kind of play. I think that it is better than up attack wildly and even though it has already been read!


This representative of Japan will once become a dissolution, but I want you to be called Kou also in the future continuous circle. To do so, let's do our best in the league! !