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J1 28 Section Matsumoto Yamaga FC vs. Gamba Osaka second point of Obina becomes a phantom 2 consecutive games stoppage time hit. Gamba equalizer obsession


In order to remaining is to win anymore not lose Matsumoto Mountain Ya is Gamba Osaka not anymore lose. Or it would have happened to the match was held in overcrowded of Alwin.


Matsumoto was scoring at an early time. We carry the game in street plan

Another alone is going to put the press in the middle of the Obina when the Gamba of DF has the ball. Matsumoto had been the defensive in the form, such as 2-3-5.

This is the perfect fit Gamba of the path is caught in the defensive network of Yamamiyabi.

Happened since I've thought it is kana and caught had Gamba also earnestly hook the path of Sorimachi director Scouting and Matsumoto block at the time of Bellmare of game I thought it was quite complete high kana.

Then Obina artistic trap a cross from the right. Matsumoto hammering a dropped ball will be pre-emptive.

Gamba will fight while weaving is also a high ball coming in to Akamine did not valid rolled bounced.

Matsumoto haste if you took to defend hard. Extra maneuvering none at all. This was the first half which does not create a chance seems chance to work around Gamba.


Tragedy of injury time. Matsumoto Mountain Ya FC1-1 Gamba Osaka

Matsumoto well into the second half but were kept well will change the flow in the introduction of Patrick.

Matsumoto line will continue down in that he has entered also become the target of a high ball on to get out on the back.

And to the line falls not be packed into a player to raise the cross would have been also hit middle.

It also has the game heats up did you think, but Gamba mistakes and kana ... will catch up Gamba is. Reply to the long counter.

And chance to Matsumoto. The Obina a cross from the right in 60 minutes!






But this is Nogoru in the judgment of the foul.

This decision will weigh heavily to the end of the last.


The remaining 10 minutes. Line is reduced, and receive a barrage of Gamba Osaka Matsumoto.

But I will defend to the center of the GK Murayama players. His day was really great.

It was working to recover a previous injury time of the mistake.

But ... cross from Usami! Kurata! !




I had entered. 1-1 tie. Pain too and runs of contrition is for Matsumoto.

Then immediately the remaining slight of both teams in the time draw not do anything to kick-off.

Yamamiyabi, it has become the regrets of leaving the game to Gamba both.


General Council of Trade Unions of Japan

Matsumoto Yamamiyabi Shonan Bellmare game. It was the plan as of the game to Gamba Osaka against both.

Especially Gamba game was able to Obina is continue to provide some pressure on the opposing by the full participation.

But the result is conceded in two consecutive games stoppage time.

Six points to 2 should standing was that it was Steal.

It points behind with 15 place 6 But should you had been to the original 2. So I think and this will not be regret even regret.

One of Gamba Osaka loss time goal followed by Guangzhou warfare. It is tough in the sense that the annual championship, but in the sense that within the 3-position of the ACL within it might be a big win one point.