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Kawasaki Frontale affiliation. Nakano Yoshimi-dai play Collection and miscellaneous thoughts


Kawasaki Frontale affiliation. University of Tsukuba-born rookie.

Professional debut in Section 25 Shonan Bellmare game.



Or become a successor of Renato?

Successor of Renato was moved to China. It becomes very valuable dribbler in Kawasaki Frontale that oriented the path soccer.


I think I understood, even looking at the play collection, but it is possible to bring to cut shot in dribbles. To anyway good at cut into in.

It is also possible to stretch to jump out the back and entered the center. The path is also plain is it is not felt such that the hole in the defense to have a brush at the level of no problem.

Just play hardly Nuku run into vertical Unlike Renato.

When will there is also the difference in the speed but play so that it exits on the vertical increase or will not really be able to put out the impact of Renatokurasu.

's Talent to be expected in the future in the exhilarating to watch anyway play style to go to the game