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2016 J-League opener Shonan Bellmare vs. Albirex Niigata photo Toka Toka video


! ! ! ! ! It kicks off! ! ! ! ! Us of everyday! Everyday in football is back! ! ! ! The state of the Niigata warfare in So ...

This year of a four-character idioms. Daisuke had returned to the Shonan 乃星.



 And finally his name


Cabrera-kun to open from Kawasaki Frontale. Great!



 ... And it has been such a thing.




Xavi chan also this year thank you! ! !


It was after this admission, but had become bogged always take seat.

It's supporters has increased. Wait column was also longer.



Runway of victory


It is a peaceful scene of the J-League.



It was more and more people also runway of victory. Was Woah



But Niigata supporters had also flocked in droves


New Chant two.





This is the new movie of the year. I want you to forgive the weird laugh came out at the Kaoru.







Choreography of Niigata was beautiful.


But the game was lost Stadium fun. I think it's certainly necessary.

Please try carrying certainly once leg people are interested because the stadium is fun place without 's danger.